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He went to jail after stealing millions in a travel scam. Now he may be at it again with a timeshare rip-off, customers say. (May 28th, 2019): Consumers ask whether a convicted travel scammer is running a timeshare resale business. click here

My kid got a full scholarship. Now he has to pay more in taxes, thanks to the new tax law. (May 23rd, 2019): Congress is trying to fix an unintended consequence of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. click here

Millennials have the lowest credit scores of any generation, study says (May 21st, 2019): See why this young generation may need time before seeing higher scores. click here

In a blunder, N.J. forgot to collect payments on state worker pension loans. Now it wants the money back. (May 7th, 2019): The state never notified retired workers that their pension loans had to be repaid. click here

Too old to sell Big Macs? McDonald’s wants to get rid of franchise owner because of age, lawsuit says. (May 2nd, 2019): An 82-year-old McDonald’s owner claims the company is trying to squeeze him out. click here

Verizon bills confound veteran after iPhone purchase. What’s up with that invisible phone line? (April 25th, 2019): It seems the mistake was simple. The fix took six months. click here

No-show contractor makes promises, but never returns money, senior citizen says (April 13th, 2019): A contractor took a homeowner’s money, she said, and didn’t do the job. click here

You owe money to the IRS, but you can’t pay your tax bill. Here are your options. (April 11th, 2019): Costly penalties and interest? Yes, but there are ways out. click here

Paying fees to get your tax refund? Don’t make these mistakes. (April 9th, 2019): Some New Jersey taxpayers are eligible for free tax prep services. click here

Is there a mistake on your credit report? Here’s how to file a dispute (April 8th, 2019): The credit bureaus are required by law to investigate any possible errors. click here

Customer gets knocked around by DIRECTV pay-per-view boxing match (April 3rd, 2019): A DVR recording didn’t work the way it did for other boxing matches. click here

Is an expensive college worth the cost vs. a state school? (March 29th, 2019): How to choose between a less expensive state school and a costlier brand name university. click here

Mystery water invades N.J. home, 500K gallons and counting in less than five months (March 21st, 2019): Homeowners haven’t been able to locate source of water that’s coming onto their property. click here

Couple tries to pay final FIOS bill but it gets sent to collections. See what Verizon did next. (March 7th, 2019): After being told to wait for a final bill, one couple got a nasty surprise from a collection company. click here

Couple sued and won after car got damaged in private Newark airport parking garage. But will they ever collect? (March 4th, 2019): When a parking garage company ignores a court judgment, how can a customer be made whole? click here

UPS delivers damaged package, promises money. 6 months later, customer is still waiting. (February 28th, 2019): After UPS promised to reimburse a customer for damaged items, nothing happened, the customer said. click here

If you’re divorced, here’s how to get Social Security benefits on your ex’s record (February 25th, 2019): Divorced spouses may qualify for Social Security based on their doomed marriage. click here

I waterproofed my house and it still flooded. Do I have to pay the contractor? (February 19th, 2019): Debbie Kaplan says after waterproofers worked on her basement for $3,200, the water problem got worse. Should she have to pay? click here.

Will you get a smaller refund? Probably. But are you really paying more in tax? (February 13th, 2019): The new tax law has unintended consequences for many taxpayers, IRS records show. click here

If you’re looking for love, don’t fall for a scam this Valentine’s Day (February 10th, 2019): Romance scams are frauds in which crooks steal money from their unsuspecting victims. click here

What do you expect when you buy new windows for your home? Not this (February 5th, 2019): Homeowner fights Sears over a very wobbly replacement window. click here

It was 4 degrees outside. Our heat died. Is an annual service contract worth it? (February 1st, 2019): When our heating system needed a fix, we bought a service plan. Was it worth the cost? click here

Lessons from the shutdown: How to find money when you’re absolutely, positively desperate (January 30th, 2019): If the paychecks stop coming, here are some places to get cash. They’re not ideal, but worth considering. click here

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Naughty or nice? Here are the return policies for major retailers this holiday season (December 18th, 2018): Here’s a look at the return policies of major retailers for the 2018 holiday shopping season. click here

Why some couples are spending the holidays in divorce court: Alimony rules are changing (December 14th, 2018): Alimony will no longer be deductible in 2019, so there’s a rush on divorce court before 2018 ends. click here

Want to pay less in taxes? Here are last-minute tax tips for 2018 (December 11th, 2018): As the year comes to a close, make sure you know what changes to expect under the new tax plan – before it’s too late. click here

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Do you shop on Amazon? Don’t buy another item until you read about this scam (December 6th, 2018): Fake third party sellers on Amazon continue to trick consumers to pay for items with Amazon gift cards. It’s a scam. click here

Getting a divorce? Here’s how alimony works in New Jersey (December 2nd, 2018): Before you end your marriage, make sure you understand how alimony is determined. click here

Lawmaker’s Uber account was hacked. Now she wants to protect consumers (November 27th, 2018): Assemblywoman Amy Handlin’s Uber account was charged more than $3,000. Here’s what she’s doing about it. click here

Need a job? Why prospective bosses may never see your resume (November 25th, 2018): If you’re in the market for a new job, here’s what you need to know to get your resume past automatic screening systems. click here

How to spot fake reviews during online shopping (November 23rd, 2018): Reviews can help shoppers decide what products to buy. But some online sellers manipulate reviews, and even pay for fake ones, to trick shoppers. Here’s how to spot fake reviews. click here

Driver is denied a repair after paying $1,900 for a car warranty (November 13th, 2018): After a rear defogger breaks and can’t be repaired, Ford Motor Company gives customer the runaround. click here

Homeowner says company ignored $18k judgement. Here’s how she got paid (November 8th, 2018): A homeowner had to fight to get the money she was awarded in court. click here

The dreaded New Jersey inheritance tax: How it works, who pays and how to avoid it (November 4th, 2018): Even though New Jersey repealed the estate tax, the inheritance tax is still here. And it’s probably here to stay. click here

Should Verizon charge a fee to cancel service after senior moves into a facility? (October 22nd, 2018): When a woman was charged a $215 early termination fee from Verizon, common sense prevailed. click here

Looking for more college financial aid? Here’s a guide to the CSS Profile (October 14th, 2018): Don’t lose out on chunky institutional aid offered by colleges that accept the CSS Profile financial aid form. click here

Do you have lost money out there? Don’t fall for this ‘unclaimed funds’ scheme (October 3rd, 2018): You don’t have to pay anyone to reclaim funds held by state governments. click here

How to fill out the FAFSA form. A step-by-step guide to this crucial financial aid application (September 30th, 2018): Here’s how to avoid common mistakes on this important financial aid form. click here

Basement flood causes $21K in damage, mold, after faulty appliance install. Who should pay? (September 24th, 2018): Homeowner fights for Sears to pay for damage to his finished basement after he said an installer didn’t close a water pipe. click here

Here’s how you can control your Facebook news feed (September 18th, 2018): Facebook says users can decide what and who will appear in their news feeds, but it’s really a mystery. click here

Yankees fan fumes over ticket exchange policy. Team makes it right, but what about other fans? (September 12th, 2018): What a Yankees fan did when he learned he could only exchange tickets at the box office in the Bronx. click here

State says plumbing giant A.J. Perri remains under scrutiny, citing rash of new complaints (September 6th, 2018): The state says it is investigating 29 complaints filed in 2018 against A.J. Perri. click here

Man terminates car lease under special promotion. Then a collection agency came knocking (September 3rd, 2018): After participating in a special promotion that would eliminate early termination fees on a lease, a Hyundai customer gets an unexpected bill. click here

What you need to do to maximize your Social Security benefits (August 29th, 2018): Here’s what you need to know when it comes time to collect. click here

‘My Lowe’s contractor doesn’t care, and Lowe’s doesn’t either,’ homeowner claims (August 27th, 2018): One family’s battle to get the kitchen they paid for. click here

You need to get your car fixed. Where can you get the most for your money – dealer or repair shop? (August 21st, 2018): You may pay more at a dealership than at a local repair shop. Is it worth it? click here

Caring for a sick or disabled person? Here’s what you need to know about renewing their driver’s license (August 7th, 2018): One man’s journey to find out how to get a state ID for his father who has Alzheimer’s disease. click here

Mystery bills – and an invitation for sex – haunt woman’s inbox. Is it a scam? (July 30th, 2018): One woman’s quest to stop fake bills from coming into her email box. click here

He deposited $550 in an ATM and it vanished. Here’s what he had to do to get it back (July 19th, 2018): Even with proof an ATM transaction was made, Wells Fargo and Financial Resources denied a customer’s claim. click here

If you’re not planning on living forever, here’s what to put in your ‘When I’m dead’ file (July 10th, 2018): A “When I’m Dead” file will tell your heirs everything they need to know about your financial affairs. click here

Divorced man wins fight against making alimony payment a second time (July 6th, 2018): Here’s a lesson in why you should always save proof you’ve made court-ordered payments, no matter how much time passes. click here

Come on, Gov. Murphy. Sign this bill to help N.J. seniors (July 6th, 2018): Hundreds of thousands of refundable dollars will be withheld unless this bill is signed by Gov. Phil Murphy. click here

49 days to fix an air conditioner? Home warranty customer is steaming (July 3rd, 2018): Home warranties promise to save you time and money, but one customer got the runaround. click here

Have you checked your utility bill? This couple was told they owe more than $8K (June 27th, 2018): Estimated readings can cause surprises in your electricity bill. click here

They scammed consumers. Some owe millions. Why can’t the state get them to pay? (June 25th, 2018): click here

He finished his alimony payments 8 years ago. Now the state wants him to pay again (June 18th, 2018): David Thomson thought he was done with his alimony payments. Not yet, the state said. He’s fighting. click here

Nursing home says daughter is responsible for dad’s bills. Here’s how she fought back (June 7th, 2018): How one lawsuit against the daughter of a nursing home patient is a lesson for all families. click here

Can Comcast change package mid-contract? It’s an issue for this Disney fan (May 28th, 2018): The fine print makes a difference, but so does customer service. click here

Retirement without a pension? Here’s how it can be done (April 19th, 2018): Here’s an action plan to get you ready for retirement. click here

It’s home improvement season. Here’s how to avoid getting scammed by a contractor (April 15th, 2018): Don’t get scammed by a disreputable contractor. Here’s what to do before you hire someone. click here

Facebook just told me it gave away my personal information. What do I do? (April 10th, 2018): How to see what Facebook knows about you, and how to make sure your Facebook privacy settings are solid. click here

‘He should be punished.’ Outraged scam victims get their day in court (April 3rd, 2018): After years of looking for justice- and restitution – scam victims are finally getting their due. click here

It’s not an urban myth. Officials say thieves are stealing checks from mailboxes (March 27th, 2018): Why you should be cautious if you use blue postal mailboxes. click here

This airline cancellation policy is unfair and unclear, lawsuit says (March 26th, 2018): Cancellation policies don’t always make sense, one customer says. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your flight isn’t cancelled. click here

Tax season means scam season. Here are the IRS’ ‘Dirty Dozen’ schemes (March 20th, 2018): Here are some scams that you should avoid this tax season. click here

When a 30-year roof lasts only 7.5 years (March 15th, 2018): The story behind one homeowner’s fight when her roofing shingles failed. click here

How to appeal property taxes and win over the appraiser (we did) (March 11th, 2018): Sick of New Jersey’s high property taxes? Don’t miss your chance to challenge yours. Here’s one story of a successful appeal. You’ll have to invest some time, but if you follow these steps, the research could pay off. Big time. click here

The latest hard-to-believe scam? Roving thieves stealing your medical identity (March 8th, 2018): Don’t allow yourself to become the victim of medical ID theft. click here

Verizon ‘early termination fee’ is all wrong, customer says (March 5th, 2018): After Verizon initiated a change from copper to fiber, a customer was left with a contract that never should have been. click here

New floor chips away at customer’s patience (February 26th, 2018): How a flooring company was unwilling to fix their mistakes. click here

‘Secret shopper’ fake job scam hits LinkedIn (February 22nd, 2018): How a LinkedIn message was really a fraud attempt. click here

Edison couple battles Home Depot over messy $20K contracting job (February 19th, 2018): A customer says Home Depot installers broke items and left a mess. Here’s what happened. click here

How you can protect yourself from scammers during tax season (February 15th, 2018): It’s high season for tax scammers. Here’s how you can protect yourself. click here

Facebook bots attacked his business. Here’s how he responded (February 12th, 2018): What happened when 100 negative reviews showed up on a N.J. business’ Facebook page. click here

It begins with: ‘I know you cheated on your wife’ (February 8th, 2018): New scams target those who may have had extramarital affairs. click here

Court-ordered judgement against Huffman Koos finally paid (February 5th, 2018): After a couple gets a judgment against Huffman Koos over a faulty couch, the company doesn’t respond. click here

Retiree gets her money, but what about everyone else? (February 1st, 2018): A lawsuit over a refund from a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) has been settled. click here

A $535 shipping fee to return a wrong order? (January 29th, 2018): How a UPS shipping mishap almost cost a man more than $500. click here

Fraud complaints still plague state debit card (January 22nd, 2018): A New Jersey consumer reported a case of Eppicard fraud, but the company wasn’t responsive, she said. click here

8 ways to protect yourself if you get scammed (January 18th, 2018): You need to take action to protect yourself if you’re ever scammed. Here’s a guide. click here

Plumbing giant A.J. Perri hit with record fine for deceiving customers (January 15th, 2018): Plumbing giant A.J. Perri has been hit with a $100,000 fine – the largest ever levied by New Jersey’s plumbing board – and has agreed to reform its deceitful business practices. click here

Netflix and fraud? How scammers are targeting users (January 11th, 2018): Beware of emails claiming that you need to update your Netflix account. click here

What’s your carrier doing about robocalls? (January 4th, 2018): A look at how consumers can block annoying robocalls. click here

Top scams to watch for in 2018 (January 1st, 2018): With a new year comes new scams. Be prepared. click here

Our consumer heroes of 2017 (December 28th, 2017): Bamboozled spotlights those who did good this year: The 2017 Bamboozled Heroes. click here

The 2017 Hall of Shame (December 25th, 2017): A look at the highlights – or lowlights – of cases tackled by Bamboozed in 2017. click here

The 12 scams of Christmas (2017 version) (December 21st, 2017): Don’t fall victim to scams when you’re preparing for the holidays. click here

Pet adoption agency shuttered during dispute over sick puppy’s vet bills (December 18th, 2017): Eleventh Hour Rescue in Rockaway Township Mall was temporarily shut down after evidence of Parvovirus. click here

Ho, ho, hold on! Beware of ‘Letter from Santa’ scams (December 14th, 2017): Don’t sign up for a Santa letter without doing your research first. click here

Is Wawa required by law to let you use the bathroom? (December 11th, 2017): A look at a bill that would require retail establishments to allow certain customers to use employee restrooms. click here

Another retirement community holds money hostage, a lawsuit claims (December 4th, 2017): Woman files suit against a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) after it has held her money for eight years. click here

Get your Western Union refund, but don’t get scammed again (November 30th, 2017): Watch out for scams from those who promise to help you get a Western Union refund. click here

After $9.5K in water damage to home, is Lowe’s responsible? (November 27th, 2017): After a faulty connector from a Lowe’s-installed water softener damaged a homeowner’s basement, the company hasn’t paid for the repairs. click here

Avoid these 4 holiday shopping scams (November 23rd, 2017): Don’t get scammed as you buy holiday presents for your loved ones. click here

$200 rebate missing after 9 months, and a warning (November 20th, 2017): Rebates are a selling point, but they can also be a headache. click here

How a scam website reached the top of Google search ranking (November 16th, 2017): A look at how a fake website offering Windows Movie Maker software is trouble. click here

Contractor takes $9K, doesn’t do the job, customer says (November 13th, 2017): A homeowner says a contractor took his money, left his driveway in shambles and never finished the work he was paid for click here

Could these medical marijuana scams come to N.J.? You bet (November 9th, 2017):  Medical marijuana scams are making their way around the country. click here

The Walmart scam that wasn’t (November 2nd, 2017): Bamboozled takes a look at a scam warning about something that just can’t happen. click here

Yahoo email hack and bank inaction result in $91K theft, consumer says (October 30th, 2017): Scammers, using fake and hacked email accounts, tricked a couple out of money earmarked for a retirement home. click here

Tech support scam strikes again (October 26th, 2017): Don’t get taken by fake technicians in a tech support scam. click here

Scammed by contractor, Sandy victims lose a second time (October 23, 2017): After delays because of an allegedly fraudulent contractor, couple loses out on a program that’s essential to their repaired home.  click here

Is this Amazon job offer a scam? (October 19th, 2017): With Amazon and many companies hiring for the holidays, be on guard for fake job postings.  click here

Why this cable customer refuses to pay monthly $5.29 modem fee (October 16th, 2017): A consumer stands up to Optimum over a fee he says he shouldn’t owe. click here

Are there fake bank accounts in your name? Here’s how to find out (October 12th, 2017): The big three credit reports are only the beginning. See what other reports are out there about you. click here

Help! Can you identify mystery noises torturing condo owner? (October 9th, 2017): After a power outage, JCP&L added a “service saver.” Then the noises began. click here

Be suspicious when you receive unsolicited checks (October 5th, 2017): Why you should question a check from an unknown source. click here

Should United honor refund promised after hurricane hit Puerto Rico? (October 2nd, 2017): A United Airlines rep wrongly told a couple they would get a refund after cancelling a trip to hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico. click here

Who gets your digital stuff when you die? (September 28th, 2017): A look at whether you truly own the contents of your e-library and digital music collection. click here

3 banks and a missing $500 check. Where did this customer’s money go? (September 25th, 2017): When a credit card payment goes missing, no one seems to know how to find it. click here

Lawn mower explodes, but who is at fault? (September 18th, 2017): A homeowner tries to get satisfaction after Craftsman lawn mower, purchased at Sears, stopped working with a bang. click here

Why the Equifax hack is a really, really big deal (September 14th, 2017): Here’s what you need to know in the wake of the Equifax hack. click here

United Airlines passengers fight for promised refunds (September 11th, 2017): A couple said United Airlines promised refunds for a rental car and other costs after a flight was cancelled.  click here

10 college students lose $58,000 to scams. Is your student next? (September 7th, 2017): Don’t assume your student won’t fall for a scam. Here’s what they need to know.  click here

Customer compares bank fee to working with a ‘bookie’ or ‘poker dealer’ (September 4th, 2017): Provident Bank customer is upset about fee charged to deposit coins. click here

Sheriff’s officer arrests fugitive contractor in fire victim case (August 28th, 2017): A contractor charged with theft by deception was apprehended at the Essex County Courthouse last week. click here

Driver in fake Uber scam had revoked license (August 24th, 2017): A resolution for a couple who got into a car with a man who claimed to be an Uber driver. click here

Is cable company’s pricing policy unfair? (August 21st, 2017): Comcast only allows seasonal rates for certain customers. click here

Will scammers trick your tax preparer? (August 17th, 2017): The IRS says scammers are targeting tax preparers in an attempt to access taxpayer information. click here

56 days without a dryer, Best Buy customer is steamed (August 14th, 2017): One woman’s tribulations with a dryer purchase at Best Buy. click here

Social Security schemes are gunning for you (August 3rd, 2017): A look at a new Social Security scam with tips to protect yourself. click here

Why you should care about this life insurance mystery (July 31st, 2017): Conflicting records cause confusion after a senior citizen dies. click here

Moving nightmare has a happy ending (July 27th, 2017): After thinking his items were missing for good, a consumer get a surprise delivery. click here

Newlyweds taken for a ride in fake Uber scam (July 24th, 2017): How a couple got taken for more than $500 by a fake Uber driver. click here

Fire victim, 83, gets conned again (July 17th, 2017): After a contractor took her money and ran, an 83-year-old woman says she’s been taken advantage of by another contractor. click here

Want to share your opinion about Trump? Watch out (July 13th, 2017): Scammers who take advantage of political news are out to get your money. click here

Moving company holds stuff hostage (July 10th, 2017): When a moving company goes belly up, how can you get your stuff back? Follow one man’s journey.  click here

4 things every consumer should know (July 6th, 2017): Tips to get you out of consumer problems before the problems take hold. click here

A $700,000 prize? How a senior almost got scammed (July 3rd, 2017): The anatomy of a scam, and how an 89-year-old and her family figured it out.  click here

When a ‘hitman’ offers you a life-saving deal (June 29th, 2017): It’s one of the scariest scams you’ll ever see in your mailbox. click here

Victory close for child safety advocates after N.J. Senate vote on baby mattresses (June 27th, 2017): NJ Senate passes a bill to ban the sale of supplemental baby mattresses in New Jersey.  click here

Showdown over baby mattress bill in N.J. Senate (June 26th, 2017): A David versus Goliath issue, with baby safety at issue. click here

Would you keep $14K from your insurance company? See why this man won’t (June 22nd, 2017): The final chapter in a long case of questionable medical bills. click here

NJ Lottery sends winnings to wrong address, winner says (June 19th, 2017): A Newark man’s $1,586 lottery win has been in limbo for 10 months. click here

Customer stuck with bill after failed inspection, blames fire alarm company (May 29, 2017): A home seller learned his alarm system equipment didn’t meet the town fire code. click here

A.J. Perri customers to give testimony about allegations (May 25th, 2017): More on customer complaints about A.J. Perri, one of the state’s largest plumbing, heating and air conditioning companies. click here

Dog owner blindsided by surprise bill for ‘free exam’ (May 22nd, 2017): A couple took their dog to Banfield Pet Hospital in a PetSmart for a free exam and received a bill they were not expecting. click here

Top 4 summer scams to avoid (May 19th, 2017): Summertime is prime time for scammers, Here’s what to look out for. click here

Can they do that? How a woman lost protections for her bank account (May 15th, 2017): Read this article for a cautionary true story regarding creditors. click here

3 ways lawmakers are gutting consumer protections (May 11th, 2017): Find out how to get involved and protect yourself. click here

After fighting fee for phantom ‘surgery,’ patient battles ambulance double-charge (May 8th, 2017): Learn how to take precuation in case something like this happens to you. click here

Seeking ‘sugar daddy,’ woman finds scam instead (May 4th, 2017): Scams come in all types. click here

Paying too much for car insurance? It could be your mysterious insurance credit score (May 1st, 2017): Your insurance credit score will determine the rates you’re quoted for car insurance. But what’s in the score? Nobody really wants to say. click here

Is the ‘Can you hear me?’ scam really a scam? (April 6th, 2017): Bamboozled untangles recent caller rumors. click here

In absence of help from archdiocese, N.J. pensioners put faith in U.S. Supreme Court (April 3rd, 2017): Read how some’s financial security is now at stake. click here

Apple fixes security flaw used to target porn users (March 30th, 2017): Scammers used a hole in Apple security to lock iPhones and iPads until ransom is paid. click here

Man swallows dental bridge during knee surgery. Who should pay? (March 27th, 2017): After his three-tooth bridge dislodged during anesthesia, Ronald Martins wants help with his $9,000 dental bill. click here

Newark PD still won’t come to your car crash (March 23rd, 2017): Drivers are still waiting for the verdict on a Newark policy about non-fatal accidents. click here

Property taxes double after phantom additions to appraisal (March 20th, 2017): One man’s fight to get his town to see reason – and the actual square footage and number of bathrooms in his home. click here

Medicare patient suspects fraud. Here’s why she was wrong. (March 16th, 2017): You should be suspicious if you see charges for doctor’s visits you’ve never had. click here

Tangled web to find driveway guy who bungled paving job (March 12th, 2017): The result may surprise you. click here

What happens to gold teeth when someone is cremated? (March 9th, 2017): An important answer to an surprisingly important question. click here

Man wants $1,500 AT&T credit returned so he can pay medical expenses (March 6th, 2017): Read to learn how the issue was settled. click here

MVC untangles red tape for college student (March 2nd, 2017): A riveting college finance story. click here

Have a mailbox? See the scary ‘identity takeover’ that could happen to you. (February 27th, 2017): Scams appear in every facet of life, even when least expected. click here

Holding ‘hostage’ a dead senior’s money – legally (February 20th, 2017): A little push to get a bill heard. The legislation would help families of deceased seniors recoup money from retirement communities than charge a hefty entrance fee. click here

Threat of hospice bill leads to new refund policy for seniors (February 16th, 2017): Live-in hospice facilities promise to change their billing practices. click here

How a non-existent ‘surgery’ during ER visit cost $30K (February 13th, 2017): A patient thought his bills were not accurate, maybe even fraudulent, but no one wanted to investigate. click here

T-Mobile ends customer’s long journey for a working phone (February 9th, 2017): A positive end to a frustrating problem. click here

Parents-to-be get the runaround – and two broken cribs (February 6th, 2017): Read how they handled this situation. click here

Buyer beware… at your library? (February 2nd, 2017): The Highland Park Public Library took a fee in error, but then refused to refund the money in cash. click here

Flood of new complaints after senior scammed for $11K job he didn’t need (January 30th, 2017): Customers claim A.J. Perri, one of the state’s largest heating and cooling companies, uses questionable sales practices. click here

Job scam targets college students (January 26th, 2017): If you’re a college grad looking for a job, beware of scams like this one. click here

When T-Mobile doesn’t answer call for help (January 23rd, 2017): Holding the major mobile-service provider accountable. click here

Think your password is strong? Think again. (January 19th, 2017): How to have an effective password. click here

What’s wrong with some local N.J. governments? This. (January 16th, 2017): How some N.J. town governments led red tape rule. click here

How Google Chrome might help scammers steal your info January (January 12th, 2017): Google Chrome browser users – beware. click here

Senior scammed for $11K job he didn’t need, employee says (January 9th, 2017): A cautionary tale of a construction project gone wrong. click here

Why your “wish list” could be an identity thief’s dream (January 5th, 2017): How a snippet of private information can be a windfall for scammers. click here

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Ask NJ Senators to ban auto renewal ripoffs (September 28th, 2015): Stop the tricks of some service companies.  click here

Stores Drop Mattress over questions of safety (September 24, 2015): Some mattresses made for children’s comfort may come at a steep price click here

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Diagnosis Dispute (July 6, 2015): Bamboozled investigates a financial issue with a cancer patient. Click here.

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Man claims office dragging its feet on new hearing aid (June 1, 2015): Bamboozled covers a story featuring the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired and a battle for a new hearing aid. Click here.

One call on your cellphone can ring up a big bill (May 29, 2015): Bamboozled explains how fraudulent charges can occur on your phone bill. Click here.

Customer washed out over Whirlpool drama (May 25, 2015): A man faces multiple issues with his new washing machine, and Bamboozled investigates. Click here.

Get married, not scammed (May 21, 2015): Bamboozled explains ways to avoid being scammed at your own wedding. Click here.

Paving over a problem (May 18, 2015): Bamboozled explains a driveway scam. Click here.

That arrest warrant notice from the AG? Likely a fake (May 14, 2015):  Bamboozled discussed scams that try and convince people they are going to jail. Click here.

Tied up in red tape (May 11, 2015): The Rozetts face an issue when they face an issue with Social Security and Medicare.Click here.

How to catch bogus tax collectors in the act (May 7, 2015): Bamboozled explains how to avoid fake tax collectors. Click here. 

Tax check lost? You lose out (May 4, 2015): An elderly woman is scammed with a tax check situation. Click here.

‘Card-cracking’ scheme sets sights on financially inexperienced students (April 30, 2015): Bamboozled talks about a scam that directly affects college students. Click here.

Why bar codes on your driver’s license matter (April 27, 2015): Bamboozled explains a scam involving  the importance of a licenses’s bar code. Click here. 

If reps from Microsoft call, hang up quick. It’s a scam. (April 23, 2015): Bamboozled talks about Microsoft scamming, and to hang up if a rep calls. Click here.

A question of RESPONSIBILITY (April 20, 2015): Scott Packwood faces an issue when water damage occurs in a storage unit. After the damage was discovered, whose fault it was was at stake. Click here.

If you believe tax fraud can’t happen to you, think again (April 16, 2015): Even though April 15 has passed, another tax fraud scam can occur. Click here.

Missing gift card money a mystery (April 13, 2015): A woman looking to use old gift cards faces problems. Click here.

A grandma shares how she fell victim to scam (April 9, 2015): A senior shares how she was scammed with the involvement of MoneyPak cards. Click here.

Customer has close call with phony tech support company (April 6, 2015): A customer has a close call with a fake technology aid company. Click here.

Is that food really kosher? Depends on one’s definition (April 2, 2015): Bamboozled discusses if food is really kosher as Passover comes up. Click here.

Vet’s big victory over credit-reporting firm (March 30, 2015): A former vet finally obtains success after an identity theft case. Click here.

Long a target of consumer outrage, businessman hit with fraud lawsuit (March 26,  2015): New Jersey state begins to conquer Al Demona. Click here. 

A 16-month wait yields no kitchen, no refund (March 23, 2015): A couple faces issues when a contractor gives them trouble while updating their kitchen. Click here.

Don’t make it easy for scammers to get your Social Security number (March 19, 2015): Bamboozled talks about when to give your social security number. Click here.

Rats! What a vacation (March 16, 2015): A family that contacts rats, bugs, and digestive issues on a vacation tries for justice. Click here.

That ain’t Uncle Sam, it’s a scam (March 12, 2015):  Bamboozled discusses government imposter scams. Click here

Tape told the tale (March 9, 2015): Dayna Miller faces a problem when her car gets dented at  a Sam’s Club. Click here.

Resources galore: Watchdogs, government help prevent scams (March 5, 2015): It is National Consumer Protection week , and Bamboozled discusses consumer protection efforts. Click here.

Locked in a land dispute (March 2, 2015): Wendy and Joe Priestner face a huge dispute when they tried to downsize and sell their old home. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Unlicensed movers snared (February 26, 2015): A moving company incidents that was violating state rules lead to 19 arrests. Click here.

Don’t let vacation scams leave you high and dry (February 26, 2015): Bamboozled lists steps to avoid being travel scammed. Click here.

A check sent in good faith, a pension promise broken (February 23, 2015): Bamboozled tells the story of a retired post man who is the subject of a bamboozled article. Click here.

What’s in your email? (February 19, 2015): Bamboozled takes steps to explain to protect your email from scamming or other financial issues. Click here. 

Officer ruled disabled is working once again (February 16, 2015): James Pieper, a policeman previously on disability, returns to work. Click here. To see the original story, Click here.

Professional caregivers dogged by check fraud (February 12, 2015): Professional dog walkers are scammed by a check fraud. Click here.

Customers say they’ve picked up unfair debt (February 9, 2015): Customers who switched garbage pick up companies believe they have been scammed. Click here.

Scammers can steal more than your heart (February 5, 2015): Bamboozled discusses the dangers of online scamming through dating websites. Click here.

The only invention here is a misleading man’s scam (February 2, 2015): Howard Himpele’s invention gets him scammed by a company that deals with getting inventions in stores. Click here.

How to tell if identity thieves have stolen your tax refund (January 29, 2015): Bamboozled explains what to look out for to prevent stolen tax refunds. Click here.

First a victim of travel scam, now a victim of bureaucracy (January 26, 2015): Andy Rizzo, a victim of Daryl Turner’s travel scams, claims he is now a victim of bureaucracy. Click here.

Keep kids safe from identity thieves (January 22, 2015): Bamboozled explains how to keep children safe from identity thieves. Click here. 

Her insurance mystery seems to be solved at last (January 19,2015): A stay-at-home mother faces healthcare challenges after after trying to fill a prescription at a pharmacy. Click here.

Home (buyer) beware (January 15, 2015): Kristin Lauler faces an issue when the seller of a house she was planning to buy backed out. Click here.

Senior paid Amtrak for nonexistent services (January 12, 2015): Mary Flanagan paid Amtrak for handicapped services that she was not provided with. Click here.

Sponsor misrepresented Sandy ‘summit’, judge rules (January 8, 2015):  The state won his case against Bill Loiry , who bamboozled people in a Sandy related scheme. Click here. 

Dumpster dealers demanding double (January 5, 2015): James Clark faces a financial issue with two dumpster companies. Click here.

5 Scams to avoid in the new year (January 1, 2015): Bamboozled explains possible scams to look out for and avoid in the upcoming year. Click here.

Broken down, but never out (December 29, 2014): Doug Dale faces a crisis with a dishwasher that keeps breaking. Click here.

Fake warning of ID theft can cause real headaches (December 25, 2014): Pete and Sylvia Loscalzo face a fear of identity theft from a medical practice. Click here.

7 lessons of 2014 (December 22, 2014): Bamboozled explains 7 lessons learned this past year on financial/ consumer scams. Click here.

Beware come-ons that appear official (December 18, 2014): Ed Lataro was tricked by a New Jersey website and he wants to warn others. Click here.

How old license plates can rack up new charges (December 15, 2014): Bamboozled investigates how old license plates can create charges. Click here.

The ‘mystery’ is solved: Shopper gigs are scams (December 11, 2014): Bamboozled tackles the gig of mystery shopping. Click here.

Twice Burned (December 10, 2014): Some victims of Daryl Turner’s travel scams are saying they need their money back. Click here.

Daryl Turner’s Travel Scam Timeline (December 8, 2014): The timeline of Daryl Turner’s Travel Scams. Click here

After appearing in column, builder appears in court (December 4, 2014): Al Annunziata is arrested less than 24 hours after appearing in the bamboozled column. Click here. To see what happened first with the contracting company and the Payne family, Click here.

Homeowners locked in battle with contractor over renovation (December 1, 2014): The Payne family has a conflict with Al Annunziata of Bellamore Bathroom Remodeling of Freehold, a contractor who they claim did not do his whole job. Click here. To see what happened less than 24 hours later, Click here.

Don’t Court trouble: Be on the lookout for jury duty scams (November 27, 2014): Bamboozled explains how jury duty works and how someone can be scammed by it. Click here.

Lurching toward resolution on utility pole that’s leaning (November 24, 2014): John Wyzalek   faces a battle PSE&G to fix a leaning pole dangerously close to falling near his building. Click here.

Check out Door-to-door salesmen- just in case (November 21, 2014): A sketchy reporter that arrives at the Mueller’s door claims to offer free energy audits. Click here.

Expedia nightmare left plans up in the air (November 17, 2014) : Stephanie McGhee runs into a conflict with Expedia while planning her 50th birthday vacation. Click here.

How savy reader thwarts robocalls (November 13, 2014): Mary Ann Munley shares her success to stop receiving scam phone calls. Click here.

Perils of auto-pay: Watch what you’re paying for (November 10, 2014): Besty Bloom learned that auto-pay does not always pay bills correctly. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: A long, bumpy winter in store as she waits for driveway redo (November 6, 2014): A woman who was “bamboozled” of a driveway repair  continues her struggle as she waits for it be fixed. Click here. To see how the driveway fiasco began, Click here.

What happens when a $37.50 bottle of wine really costs $3,750? (November 3, 2014): When a miscommunication occurs over the price of a bottle of wine, Bamboozled investigates what should be done. Click here.

Her new pup took ill; who should pay bills? (October 30, 2014): Elizabeth Liebold’s new puppy became sick, and she wants Just Pups (the pet store who sold her the dog) to pay, Click here.

Beware of unsolicited calls from the ‘government’ (October 27, 2014): Lynn Halm was scammed by a government company saying they were eligible for free money. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: How one senior lost 100,000 to scammers (October 23, 2014): David VanDenburgh tells Bamboozled how his late father fell for many scams, including Publishers Clearing House scam. Click here.  To read about an earlier Publishers Clearing House scam that inspired VanDenburgh to share his story, Click here.

Video from light-red camera skips at key (October 20, 2014): Bamboozled investigates when a man is charged with a traffic charge that did not have direct evidence. Click here.

Cracking down on those phony online reviews (October 16, 2014): Diane Barry talks to Bamboozled about how reliable online reviews can be. Click here.

Homeowner spins her wheels over damaged driveway (October 13, 2014) : Joan Krotenberg hired New Jersey Paving and Construction to do her driveway, but she ended up with a damaged driveway and in court. Click here. To see what happened next, Click here.

How one man drove off a scammer (October 9, 2014) : A man who knew that seniors were targets in financial scams contacts Bamboozled when he as a victim. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Wrong information on a parking ticket may get it dismissed, but not this time (October 6th, 2014) : The mystery behind a couple receiving two parking tickets from two separated addresses is finally understood. Click here. Too see the original Bamboozled story,  when the couple first learned about the ticket , Click here. 

Don’t be fooled: Letters are no prize packages (October 2, 2014) : A man’s senior citizen parents are scammed by getting a letter saying that they had won 100,00 from Publishers Clearing House. Click here.  To read how David VanDenburgh’s father was scammed by Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, Click here.

Con thwarted when woman goes on offensive (September 29, 2014) : A woman is scammed while buying a car off of Ebay. Click here.

If the IRS calls, hang up. It is sure to be a scam, experts say (September 25, 2014): A man was scammed by a company claiming to be the IRS. Bamboozled investigates the scam.  Click here.

After prodding, Amazon makes good on vendor’s fraud (September 22, 2014) : After putting it off, Amazon attempts at helping a man who claimed fraud through Amazon. Click here.

Money coming to travel club victims won’t be much (September 18, 2014): Many customers who were the victim of a travel club scheme by Daryl Turner and Theodore and Germaine Theodore may not be getting a large refund. Click here.

Medical records caught, then untangled from red tape (September 15, 2014) : A woman trying to reach her medical records realizes that her imaging center was closed and there was no access to get them for medical purposes. Click here.

MoneyPak’s demise bad news for scammers (September 11, 2014) : The maker of MoneyPak card is making changes due to past scams. Click here.

Down $11K with no end in sight for the home (September 8, 2014) : A man trying to repair his home after Hurricane Sandy faces issues with insurance and a contractor. Click here.

She’s plumbed the depths of frustration (September 1, 2014) : A divorced woman trying to save money fights for her money back from a disappearing contractor. Click here.

Ticket fight for a matter of principle (August 25, 2014) : A cancer patient and his wife refuse to pay for an unexplained and  bizarre parking ticket. Click Here. To see how the case was solved , Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Man accused in bill pay scheme turns himself in (August 21, 2014) : An alleged bill pay scanner with previous scamming history turns himself into the Jersey City police. Click Here.

Couple: Vet held remains hostage (August 18, 2014): A family’s dead dog is held hostage by a vet because of unpaid final bills the owner was not aware of. Click Here.

“He took all my money” (August 11, 2014): A woman’s bills are taken advantage of when she uses a company called Save my Future to manage her bills. Click Here.  To see what happened when Theodore turned himself in, Click here.

Billing error takes on new life (August 4, 2014): A man checks his credit report and finds an error from Verizon. Click Here.

Fighting for a refund (July 28, 2014): A man writes a check then cancels it, but Wells Fargo honors it anyway. Click here.

Family has little reason to cheer (July 21, 2014): A cheerleading camp ignores a mother’s request for insurance information after her daughter is injured at the camp. Click here.

Up on the roof came a bang, and a crack? (July 14, 2014): A woman hired a company to clear her gutters and says she ended up with a broken chimney. Click here.

After storm, a freeze (July 7, 2014): A dispute over Hurricane Sandy insurance money results in a man’s bank account being frozen — with his daughter’s college tuition money inside. Click here.

State’s error persists (June 30, 2014): A former N.J. man won’t have to repay the state $17,000 in unemployment, but he’ll receive threatening notices anyway. Click here.

Untangling a tax code (June 23, 2014): A woman’s missing tax refund highlights a confusing section of the New Jersey tax code. Click here.

Historic site faces new battle (June 16, 2014): A Revolutionary War historic site faces an uphill battle against a fire and security company. Click here.

Trying to get their money back (June 9, 2014): Former waterproofing contractor Al Demola is back and giving more customers the runaround. Click here.

One family’s lengthy dry spell (June 2, 2014): A family goes nearly two weeks without water after a dispute over sewer line coverage. Click here.

‘There is still good in the world’ (May 26, 2014): A woman finally receives a headstone for her son and a bun company agrees to clean up its mess. Click here.

One sticky situation (May 19, 2014): When a bakery pipe explosion covers a NJ home in flour, the company won’t pay for clean up. Click here.

Victory for one, refund for all (May 12, 2014): Hoboken agrees to refund tens of thousands in towing overcharges to more than 3, 000 drivers after one man’s complaint. Click here.

Insurance policy claim denied (May 5, 2014): A widow is denied a $21, 000 life insurance benefit even though her husband paid premiums for 18 years. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Candidate on hook for liens of $100K (May 4, 2014): A candidate for Newark city council owes more than $100,000 in unpaid taxes, plus $24,000 from her 2006 campaign. Click here.

Fighting for his pension (April 28, 2014): The state says a correction officer is too disabled to work yet not eligible for disability pension. Click here.  To see what happened in almost a year later, Click here.

Our check is on the mail (April 21, 2014): Postal service customer says he didn’t get what he paid for. Click here.

Caught in credit card quagmire (April 14, 2014): A credit card customer gets stuck with a 30 percent rate despite four years of perfect payments. Click here.

Major problems with MoneyPak cards (April 7, 2014): A mother and daughter run into problems when trying to send money to a friend using Green Dot MoneyPak cards. Click here.

At last, a sign of progress (March 31, 2014): Residents in Rockaway Township have had issues with mail and delivery mishaps for more than a year. Click here.

One problem generates another (March 24, 2014): After JCP&L turns off a man’s power, he uses a generator to heat his home and receives a noise violation ticket. Click here. 

Towed then fleeced (March 17, 2014): A man’s car is wrongly towed in Hoboken. Click here.

A flurry of threats (March 10, 2014): A man’s credit score is threatened by an alleged “Yellow Pages” scam. Click here.

Major accounting error (March 3, 2014): The state asks a man to repay $15,000 in unemployment benefits that he never received. Click here.

Paper chase ends in success (February 24, 2014): A hospital promises a refund after a woman’s death and then ignores phone calls for the next eight months. Click here.

Prize came with strings attached (February 17, 2014): Fine print almost eliminates free JetBlue flight for cancer survivor. Click here.

‘I have nothing but gratitude’ (February 10, 2014): Readers and Consumer Affairs come to the aid of customers scammed by defunct headstone company. Click here.

Plane ticket refund is no longer up in the air (February 3, 2014): Updates on Orbitz plane tickets, the accused Sandy summit scammer and two contractor disputes. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Couple sentenced in travel scheme (February 1, 2014): Daryl Turner, whose travel scams were covered extensively by Bamboozled, is sentenced to seven years in jail. Click here.

For couple, a costly mistake (January 27, 2014): A Maplewood family’s property taxes soar after an appraiser adds non-existent features to their house. Click here.

Customer flexes his muscles (January 20, 2014): Despite canceling a membership with New York Sports Club in writing, a man’s credit card was charged for more than a year. Click here.

Unseated (January 13, 2014): When airplane seats booked on Orbitz aren’t honored at the gate, two sisters try to figure out who’s responsible. Click here.

Stone cold (January 6, 2014): Grave remains unmarked after headstone company takes a client’s money and shuts down. Click here.

License to frustrate (December 30, 2013): If you have a two-word name, or use a hyphen or apostrophe, New Jersey MVC still can’t issue you a license with your legal name. Click here. Karin talks to CBS New York about this problem. Click here.

In search of living proof (December 23, 2013): Automated customer service systems, and the actual live reps, get a once-over this holiday shopping season. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Homeowners scammed by con-artist chimney companies get their money back from state (December 17, 2013): Consumers receive $137,733 in restitution after state settles with a chimney company previously profiled in Bamboozled. Click here.

A tug of war over termites (December 16, 2013): A man says a home inspector missed signs of a termite infestation. Click here. 

An unnecessary step (December 9, 2013): If you want to self-exclude from online gambling, the paperwork requires you to admit you’re a “problem gambler” — whether you are or not. Click here.

This win is a loss (December 2, 2013): A driver who said an NJ Transit bus hit her car gets some new proof, but the definition of victory isn’t always clear. Click here.

After storm, a new wave of problems (November 25, 2013): A woman hires a company to raise her Tuckerton Beach home, but the work doesn’t pass inspection. Click here.

An offer on the table (November 18, 2013): Customer said table and chairs purchased from Flemington Department Store were defective, but the company refused to give a refund. Click here.

Sorry, wrong number (November 11, 2013): Virgin Mobile and Sprint tell customer her brand-new iPhone must be ‘defective,’ but they refuse to refund her money. Click here.

The wrong man (November 4, 2013): Credit reporting firm admits error in calling a man a felon but still refuses to correct credit report. Click here.

Complaint target back in business (October 28, 2013): Al Demola, whose waterproofing companies have been featured by Bamboozled, has new companies, as well as some thoughts to share with Bamboozled. Click here.

A company’s tunnel vision? (October 21, 2013): Despite photographic evidence, NJ Transit rejects driver’s claim that a NJT bus sideswiped her car. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Maplewood man charged with bilking clients in debt-relief scheme (October 16, 2013): A man profiled in a previous Bamboozled column was arrested for allegedly promising to pay customer bills at a discount and then keeping the cash. Click here.

Hung out to dry? (October 14, 2013): A customer buys a new dryer only to find that it needs multiple repairs. Click here.

A different pain at the pump (October 7, 2013): Man loses credit card rewards for gas purchases over “pay at the pump” technicality. Click here.

Trying to close the doors on renovation (September 30, 2013): Homeowner pays up but is still waiting on the installation of garage doors. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Healthcare reform creates opportunities for scammers (September 26, 2013): Obamacare has given con artists new ways to scare consumers into falling for their tricks. Click here.

Seeking help, finding trouble (September 23, 2013): Ex-con’s promise to pay off bills for less leaves consumers without their money. Click here.

Struggling to give back (September 16, 2013): A woman asks for help to give away her Delta SkyMiles. Plus, Sallie Mae forgives the college loans of another deceased student. Click here.

Long runaround from Chase (September 9, 2013): A victim of one of Daryl Turner’s travel clubs gets a refund from Chase — and an unexpected tax bill. Click here.

Call him one fed-up customer (September 2, 2013): A man fights Verizon Wireless for 10 months over fraudulent charge, plus, chimney company reaches settlement with Consumer Affairs. Click here.

No patio, plenty of headaches (August 26, 2013): A couple fights for the return of $4,000 they gave to a contractor who never did the work. Click here.

Not ‘so’ great adventure (August 19, 2013): A woman battles Six Flags over a payment plan for season tickets. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: State files suit against travel company (August 14, 2013): The states sues Club ABC Tours, claiming the Bloomfield travel company took more than $1 million from 230 customers without delivering travel promises. Click here.

A life in the balance (August 12, 2013): A man with leukemia is dropped by his insurer because of a 26 cent shortfall. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Couple plead guilty to travel scheme (August 8, 2013): Daryl Turner and Robyn Bernstein plead guilty to stealing millions of dollars from customers through their fake travel clubs. Click here.

Tangled up in red tape (August 5, 2013): A physical therapy business fights a mountain of Medicare red tape. Click here.

Special delivery (July 29, 2013): An update on Camp Louemma’s mail delivery problems, a waterproofing company customer receives a court victory and a less in sales tax and coupons. Click here.

Is Revel refund a losing bet? (July 22, 2013): Revel Casino’s new ad campaign, which promises to refund all slot losses, falls short in the fine print. Click here.

A puzzling flood of utility bills (July 15, 2013): As a renter’s PSE&G bills skyrocket, disputes arise over who’s responsible for the charges. Click here.

Greetings from Camp Louemma? (July 8, 2013): A new postmaster makes changes to the mail and care package delivery for more than 200 campers at Camp Louemma in Sussex County. Click here.

$10,000 gets lost in the shuffle (July 1, 2013): After several bank mergers, a 98-year-old man is told all records of his retirement investments are missing. Click here.

Putting DIRECTV on pause (June 24, 2013): A man disputes an early termination fee from DIRECTV. Click here.

Slow start, but happy ending (June 17, 2013): A customer waits for communication from a glass fixing business and a congressman agrees to pay up. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Wife of alleged travel scammer Daryl Turner offered plea deal (June 11, 2013): A woman accused of travel scams that bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars from hopeful travelers was arraigned in Burlington County Court. Click here.  For more coverage of Turner’s alleged travel scams, click here.

Congressman left him hanging (June 10, 2013): A small businessman says U.S. Rep Donald Payne Jr. (D-10th Dist.) owes his business money, and, the latest on the Superstorm Sandy summit organizer. Click here. For more coverage of scams surrounding Superstorm Sandy, click here.

Vet driven to exasperation (June 3, 2013): An ex-Army officer is denied a military discount on a new car without explanation. Also, a resolution is reached in the case of a deceased student’s loans and a dead tree limb hanging too close to a power line is finally cut down.  Click here.

More than just a wrong order (May 27, 2013): Tips on how to spot fake food and booze when eating out. Click here.

Collecting nonexistent debt (May 20, 2013): A Morristown family receives a collections notice for a bill that’s already been paid, and the demand for payment may not comply with collection laws. Click here.

Verizon did a number on her (May 13, 2013): A woman’s phone number is changed without her consent and an update on a veteran’s benefits. Click here.

Little action on leaning trees (May 6, 2013): A Blairstown man says JCP&L wasn’t responsive when he asked the utility company to cut down a tree that threatened his power lines. Click here.

One disaster to another (April 30, 2013): Two years and $220,000 later, work on a house damaged by a fire still has not been completed. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Alleged travel scammer and wife indicted on new charges (April 23, 2013): Alleged travel scammer Daryl Turner and his wife are indicted on charges of conspiracy, money laundering, theft and failure to file a state income tax return. Click here.

After death, loan lingers on (April 22, 2013): After the death of their son, his parents – and co-signers on his student loans – are left to pay the debt. Click here.

State’s doing a job on unemployed man (April 15, 2013): After collecting unemployment benefits from New Jersey for years, a man is told he needs to repay $17,000 he was paid in error. Click here.

Purple heart recipient now battling red tape (April 8, 2013): A Vietnam vet who lost his leg in combat 42 years ago battles the VA for a benefit he’s received since his return to the U.S. But now, VA records show his injury was not combat-related. Click here.

A restaurant bill brouhaha (April 1, 2013): A man is overcharged for a vegan special order at a restaurant in Red Bank. Click here.

Trapped in an IRS nightmare (March 25, 2013): A woman continues to receive IRS notices saying she’s delinquent on her taxes, even though she said agency reps have repeatedly told her she’s not. Click here.

Coffee tax creates quite a stir (March 18, 2013): Two Dunkin’ Donuts customers said different stores were wrong in assessing sales tax on several coffee items. Click here.

Paying for hospital’s mix-up (March 11, 2013): A Piscataway man fights wrongful collections calls from an ER visit to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Click here.

Refurbishment roulette (March 4, 2013): A family is not happy with a series of refurbished iPhones they receive from Verizon. Click here.

An unwelcome charge (Feb. 25, 2013): A woman battles for a refund for a fraudulent charge made on her Direct Express card, a debit card on which she receives Social Security benefits. Click here.

Battling the collector (Feb. 18, 2013): A debt collection service keeps calling to try and collect on a 10-year old credit card bill a man says he has paid. Click here.

Still waiting for resolution in three continuing cases (Feb. 11, 2013): Updates on the Club ABC tours case, the Daryl Turner travel companies and a proposed Hurricane Sandy summit. Click here.

When a leak becomes a flood (February 4, 2013): A valve on a water filtration system breaks and floods a woman’s home the day after the system was serviced. Click here.

Devils try to ease labor pains (January 28, 2013): A Devils season ticket holder wants to cancel his tickets for this year’s shortened season, but still keep his place for next season. Click here.

Another sketchy Sandy ‘summit’ planned ( January 21, 2013): A man who previously tried to hold a ‘Sandy’ summit in New Jersey but got shut down by the attorney general’s office announces he is holding another summit in Washington D.C. Click here.

Fake iPad triggers real problem (January 14, 2013): A woman receives an iPad from Walmart that turns out to be a display model and the store initially refuses to give her a replacement or refund. Click here.

An uncomfortable situation (January 7, 2013): A woman works to get a refund after receiving a defective couch. Click here.

The truth about fee: It’s a tax ( December 31, 2012): Although the tax rate at Jersey Gardens mall may be less than in the rest of the state, the extra “franchise fee” doesn’t make the trip worth it. Click here.

Good deeds can be the nicest gift of all (December 24, 2012): Readers help out a family with a handicapped daughter and a young couple who lost $10,000 after the reception hall for their wedding cancelled and refused to give them a refund . Click here.

Debit card ‘holds’ a danger (December 17, 2012): A customer runs into problems when Best Buy fails to properly release holds on his debit card for items he purchased online. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Sponsor cancels Sandy summit amid claims of misconduct (December 11, 2012): A man looking to hold a summit in New Jersey about post-Sandy reconstruction cancels the event after a lawsuit by the NJ attorney general. Click here.
– The Star Ledger also wrote an editorial about the summit. Click here.

After storm, a shady summit (December 10, 2012): As Bamboozled further investigates the Sandy summit on reconstruction, high registration costs and a lack of specific details about the event raise suspicions. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: State suing Sandy ‘summit’ as a rip-off of storm victims (December 8, 2012): New Jersey files a lawsuit to stop a self-proclaimed entrepreneur from holding an event to discuss rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. Click here.

An exercise in exasperation (December 3, 2012): A man is incorrectly billed by a gym and after he disputes the charges, the gym is unresponsive. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Class-action suit against Jersey travel clubs can move forward (December 2, 2012): Customers who were cheated out of thousands of dollars for membership in fake travel clubs can move forward with their lawsuit after showing enough evidence. Click here. For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

No reception, no refund (November 26, 2012): A Scotch Plains hall cancels a couple’s wedding reception due to Hurricane Sandy and then fails to refund them their payment. Click here.

Tracking many happy returns (but not too many) (November 19, 2012): A man is unable to return an item to Home Depot after he refuses to show his drivers license. Also, the missing student loan payments are finally found and an elderly couple’s resolves a contract dispute with a cemetery over a pre-paid crypt. Click here.

Sandy opens the door to price gouging (November 12, 2012): A pizzeria’s decision to increase prices during and after the storm demonstrates the gray area in price gouging cases. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: After Sandy, a debate about what actually constitutes price gouging (November 11, 2012): In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Consumer Affairs is pursuing eight price gouging lawsuits, but not everyone supports NJ’s price gouging law. Click here.

Scams likely to follow storm (November 5, 2012): After Hurricane Sandy stormed through New Jersey, the Division of Consumer Affairs received more complaints about price gouging than after Hurricane Irene. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: After Sandy, beware of scammers (October 30, 2012): In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many NJ residents will be looking for a contractor to repair the damage. Here’s how to avoid being taken for a ride by an disreputable one. Click here.

Paying the price to protect (October 29, 2012): After family and friends raise money to help pay for the treatment of a terminally ill girl, a bank improperly handles the account holding the money. Click here.

Bank’s inaction leaves family out on a limb (October 22, 2012): After a tree limb falls on a family’s house, a bank’s refusal to endorse an insurance check holds up repairs. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Tour company offers no explanation as to why it stranded customers (October 17, 2012): More than two weeks after a tour company unexpectedly shuts down, owners have no explanation for the closure or why they failed to notify customers. Click here.

Not-so-private parking (October 15, 2012): After a woman loses her parking slip, a parking attendant writes down her license number before she is allowed to leave, despite the woman’s protests. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Tour company closes, leaving tourists lost (October 11, 2012): A tour company closes, leaving customers stranded overseas and with no hope of a refund. Click here.

Cold comfort at this inn (October 8, 2012): Less than 24 hours before her daughter’s wedding, a woman finds out that the rooms she booked for out-of-town guests were cancelled and moved to a different hotel, which is farther away and less clean. Click here.

A red light camera’s ticket to exasperation (October 1, 2012): A woman is issued a red-light ticket by a New Jersey town even though she has been living in Colorado and hasn’t driven in NJ for several months. Click here.

Color him peeved over paint job (September 24, 2012): After being paid in full, a contractor fails to finish the job. Click here.

Wheels of justice grind to a halt (September 17, 2012): After winning a court suit with a moving company over a refund, a man’s settlement gets tied up in red tape. Click here.

Icy response to repair request (September 10, 2012): A woman’s attempts to get her recently-purchased refrigerator fixed hit a dead end. Click here.

When payback is a nightmare (September 3, 2012): After her student loan servicer is switched, a woman encounters problems with lost payments. Click here.

Keeping track of every penny (August 27, 2012): Bamboozled investigates Chipotle’s practice of rounding its customers’ bills up or down to avoid paying pennies. Click here.

Left high and dry (August 20, 2012): A contractor’s failure to complete a fire sprinkler system is preventing American Legion Post 136 in Lodi from getting a certificate of occupancy for their new building.  Click here.

After a big dig, a mighty wait (August 13, 2012): After a couple has an oil tank removed from their property, paperwork delays almost prevent them from selling their house. Click here.

$19K weight off his shoulders (August 6, 2012): An update on a few past columns. Click here.
– A man who was originally told he needs to repay unemployment benefits gets a reprieve.
– The Division of Consumer Affairs takes action against a chimney company previously profiled in Bamboozled.
– A woman’s debt is finally satisfied.

Dripping faucet, big confusion (July 30, 2012): A woman is dissatisfied with a plumber’s attempt to fix her leaky faucet. Click here.

Grandma feels taken for a ride (July 23, 2012): A company fails to deliver a train it promised for a child’s birthday party. Click here.

Final resting spot not finalized (July 16, 2012): A couple is told that a contract they signed to purchase a crypt in 1977 doesn’t include entombment. Click here.

Weights and measures (July 9, 2012): Bamboozled investigates how the incorrect weighing of salad bar items at the register can eventually add up. Click here.

In deep with water bill (July 2, 2012): A man is stuck with a $10,000 water bill after his meter malfunctions. Click here.

Errors by many affected only one (June 25, 2012): SiriusXM continues to charge a man for an internet radio service he forgot he signed up for. Click here.

WWII veteran’s family is looking for answers (June 18, 2012): The Department of Veteran Affairs fails to notify a family that their request for benefits has been denied. Click here.

Read this if selling a home in Jersey (June 11, 2012): New Jersey changes an application containing property tax loopholes. Updates on the debt collection, basement waterproofing scam and counterfeit bills stories. Click here.
– To read the original article on the applications Click here.
– Check out the original stories on debt collectionthe basement waterproofing scam and the counterfeit bills.

Collection confusion (June 4, 2012): A debt collector fails to accurately keep track of how much a woman owes on her debt. Click here.

Another customer left out to dry (May 28, 2012): A man behind other waterproofing company scams previously profiled in Bamboozled resurfaces to defraud another customer. Click here.
– For previous stories on waterproofing scams click herehere and here.

Costly lesson about counterfeits (May 21, 2012): A man shares his story about receiving a counterfeit bill from a bank in order to educate others. Click here.

Freedom from student loans (May 14, 2012): A bank agrees to forgive a late student’s loans, update and reader reaction to the story about a man trying to obtain his passport for a journey home. Click here.

Patiently waiting for back pay (May 7, 2012): A man successfully fights to get his job back after being fired but fails to receive the back pay owed him. Click here.

Red tape snarls journey home (April 30, 2012): A man tries to get his passport from his safety deposit box to visit his dying mother in India but is denied access because he doesn’t have photo identification. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Family won’t have to pay late student’s loan (April 27, 2012): An online petition pressures a bank to change its policies and forgive a late student’s loan. Click here.

Asking for his money back (April 23, 2012): Confusion over non-profit status leaves a man without his unemployment check. Click here.

Credit report was dead wrong (April 16, 2012): A credit rating agency lists a woman as deceased, preventing her from getting credit. The adult movies case is resolved. Click here.

It could happen to you (April 9, 2012): A man gets overdraft charges on an account he thought he closed. Click here.

Seeing red over blue-movie fees (April 2, 2012): After being charged for adult movies she never ordered, a woman seeks a refund. Click here.

Match 1: Mom vs. karate studio (March 26, 2012): A woman attempts to get a refund from a karate studio. Click here.

Tough to smooth over (March 19, 2012): A man takes a paving company with a long history of customer complaints to court to try and shut them down. Click here.

What it took to win a title bout (March 12, 2012): A woman tries to obtain a clear title on her car. Click here.

Computer refund slow to arrive (March 5, 2012): Here’s an update on several past columns: Click here.
– A promised computer refund is delayed.
– A storage situation is resolved.
– A loan modification finally comes through.
– Persistence pays off in repairing a damaged patio.
– Verizon corrects customer bills.

Surprise in store for public (Feb. 27, 2012): A storage company pulls a bait-and-switch and ignores complaints, update on property tax loopholeClick here.

From Verizon, a bundle of errors (Feb. 20, 2012): A man tries to correct a string of errors in his Verizon bills. Click here.

Sellers leaving cash behind (Feb. 13, 2012): A property tax loophole causes homeowners to lose hundreds of dollars. Click here.

A sinking credit score (Feb. 6, 2012): A credit report error prevents a couple from buying a house. Click here.

A double dose of aggravation (Jan. 30, 2012): A woman tries to set things straight after she is charged twice for medication. Click here.

A lesson in fair credit reporting (Jan. 23, 2012): A man looks for answers after his credit card application is denied. Click here.

Unknown error on PC repair (Jan. 16, 2012): A woman gets more than she bargained for when she takes her PC to Best Buy in order to get data recovered. Click here.

Case of outrage over outages (Jan. 9, 2012): A community experiences problems with Comcast services. Click here.

Value of background checks  (Jan. 2, 2012): 2011 overview highlights the importance of knowing who you’re doing business with. Click here.

Afraid to put liability on the line (Dec. 26, 2011): A woman is asked to fill out loan modification papers in her deceased brother’s name. Click here.

After flood, a deluge of money woes (Dec. 19, 2011): A couple struggles to recover the flood insurance owed to them. Click here.

Escrow got held up in home (Dec. 12, 2011): A man tries to recover funds caught in escrow due to a mistakenly-listed mortgage. Click here.

A seal of disapproval on work (Dec. 5, 2011): A family works to get a company to fix damage done to their property. Click here.

Show me the car facts (Nov. 28, 2011): A woman tries to fix an incorrect CARFAX report. Click here.

Man gets runaround after he takes a seat (Nov. 21, 2011): A man runs into problems when paying for his new couch, justice comes for a mattress company. Click here.

It shouldn’t have been so hard (Nov. 14, 2011): Customers deal with a complicated bank policy. Click here.

It’s been quite a trip (Nov. 7, 2011): Customers try to recover credit card charges after travel fraud, a man fights to regain his credit score, a GPS is finally installed. Click here.

A really scary ‘zombie’ story (Oct. 31, 2011): A couple faces unknown debts. Click here.

Hard line hits too close to home (Oct. 24, 2011): A woman fights an unjust foreclosure. Click here.

One year and counting for wedding photos (Oct. 17, 2011): A couple is still waiting to receive their wedding memories. Click here.

Deal stalled and so did refund (Oct. 10, 2011): Car dealer breaks contract and stalls on refund. Click here.

Car dealer took him for a ride (Oct. 3, 2011): Dealership promised a GPS but didn’t deliver. Click here.

Case of lost luggage unzipped (Sept. 26, 2011): A bus company stalls after claim is filed. Click here.

Left high and dry after flood (Sept. 19, 2011): Homeowner says bank didn’t renew her flood insurance policy. Click here.

Disconnect phone slammers (Sept. 11, 2011): Illegal practice grows on promises of saving money. Click here.

Beware of those looking to clean up (Sept. 4, 2011): Before hiring workers, check their credentials. Click here.

A letter perfect ending to tale (Aug. 29, 2011): Here’s an update on a few past columns. Click here.
– A high school swimmer finally gets his varsity jacket.
– The U.S. Treasury gives tips on how to avoid a mortgage modification mess.
– An insurance case is resolved.
– A rug store previously profiled in Bamboozled files for bankruptcy.

The default that never was (Aug. 22, 2011): A homeowner runs into problems after he modifies his mortgage. Click here.

PSE&G gave them a shock (Aug. 15, 2011): Customers are suddenly hit with hefty bills after PSE&G neglects to read their meters for months. Click here.

Seller denies product to blame (Aug. 8, 2011): A homeowner says a de-icer damaged his cement walkway, but the company who used the product won’t pay for repairs. Click here.

Getting closer but still off track (Aug. 1, 2011): Problems with incorrect directions from Google Maps are resolved and the complaints about a rug company continue to pile up. Click here.

Super fights off need to evict (July 25, 2011): A landlord waits on thousands of dollars that Social Services has promised to pay on behalf of a tenant who is behind on his rent. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Cherry Hill man accused of scamming travelers released from jail (July 23, 2011): A man accused of cheating travelers is released from jail, but not before the state seizes his bank accounts, cars and speedboat. Click here. For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

Getting a runaround (July 18, 2011): Despite several different orders and follow-ups, a couple never got the rug they asked for – or a refund. Click here.

Map glitch brings unwanted guests (July 11, 2011): Google Maps incorrectly directs travelers to one woman’s driveway instead of the entrance to Round Valley Reservoir but the company has yet to correct the problem. Click here.

Awash in consternation (July 4, 2011): After a washing machine malfunctions and floods a family’s apartment, the family runs into problems with getting insurance to cover the damage. Click here.

Receiving a refund, one way or another (June 27, 2011): State authorities try to get scammer Daryl Turner to return millions of dollars to customers who never received the travel services they paid for. A woman gets a refund after a person she hired to complete a short sale didn’t have the proper license. Click here. For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

Printer schooled in delays (June 20, 2011): Eleven months later, a printer still hasn’t received payment for a job he did for a Newark school. Click here.

Home sale comes up short (June 13, 2011): A women signs a contract to put her home in short sale but runs into problems when she learns the contract is illegal because the property manager doesn’t have the proper license. Click here.

Failure to communicate (June 6, 2011): A man struggles to get back his $500 deposit on a car. Updates on the basement flooding and missing mattress tag stories. Click here.

Feeling slightly soaked (May 30, 2011): Aqui-Dri, a basement waterproofing company Bamboozled has dealt with twice before, fails to return a customer’s deposit even though they cancelled within the required three days of signing the contract. Click here.

Sparring with the gym (May 23, 2011): A man must go to great lengths to cancel a gym membership and get a refund. Click here.

EPPICard fraud proves difficult to resolve (May 16, 2011): A woman has problems ridding her EPPICard, a government-sanctioned debit card for benefits such as child support, of fraud charges. Click here.

Did travel scammer book a return trip? (May 9, 2011): Travel scammer Daryl Turner is back to defraud more customers out of money paid for travel services. Click here. For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

A new twist in an old case (May 2, 2011): Here’s an update on a few past columns. Click here.
– Police arrest the owner of a store who failed to deliver a varsity jacket, among other products.
– A woman is able to keep her promise to properly bury a deceased friend.
Habitat for Humanity finally receives a refund.

Fireplace frustration (April 25, 2011): A family hires a fireplace company to do some work but then has to hire a second company to repair the repairs. Click here.

A fix to counter damage (April 18, 2011): A couple is dissatisfied with Lowe’s installation of a new dishwasher. Click here.

Corner didn’t give square deal (April 11, 2011): Six months later a high school swimmer’s varsity jacket still hasn’t been delivered. Click here.

Endless calls are no prize (April 4, 2011): A man receives countless calls from Publisher’s Clearing House asking him to repay a debt he doesn’t owe and isn’t in his name. Click here.

Families battle over waste (March 28, 2011): A year later, several families are still to receive compensation after sewer lines broke at street level and flooded their homes with untreated waste. Click here.

Refund snarled by red tape (March 21, 2011): Refunds for customers scammed by illegitimate travel companies are stalled by banks. Habitat for Humanity is still waiting on a refund for a job that was never completed. Click here.  For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

Business practice makeover (March 14, 2011): A company previously profiled in Bamboozled must make sweeping changes to the way it does business following a settlement with the state. Click here.

High price for mice (March 7, 2011): An exterminating company misdiagnoses a pest problem and fails to deliver on a contract to fix the issue. Click here. 

Reluctant refund (Feb. 28, 2011): A woman runs into problems with Expedia’s refund policy after her mother’s death. Click here.

Family fights for its daily mail (Feb. 21, 2011): Eighteen months of requests still can’t get mail delivered to a Cedar Grove household. Click here.

Assisted living takes care (Feb. 14, 2011): A family is faced with high move-out charges after deciding to move an elderly relative to a different assisted living facility. Click here.

Banking on a solution, at last (Feb. 7, 2011): A bank merger causes problems for one customer. Click here.

Bamboozled EXTRA: Cherry Hill man agrees to $3 million settlement in bogus travel companies case (Feb. 2, 2011): A man whose 11 companies bilked hundreds of customers out of promised travel services settles with the state. Click here. For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

On the trail of a ticket (Jan. 31, 2011): A woman receives a traffic camera ticket and pays the fine but after failing to record it properly, the court continues to badger her for payment. Click here.

Paying attention (Jan. 24, 2011): Fine print causes problems for a man trying to earn a G.E.D. Click here.

More waterproofing woes (Jan. 17, 2011): Customers are still waiting on a refund for a canceled contract with a waterproofing company. Click here.

Conflict clogs up the works (Jan. 10, 2011): A contractor and Habitat for Humanity reach an impasse over uncompleted work and delayed refunds. Click here.

A couple’s costly call (Jan. 3, 2011): A couple thought they had signed up for a free debt reduction program but are instead hit with a $400 charge. Click here.

Seniors, not suckers (Dec. 27, 2010): A couple cancels a contract with a waterproofing company but the company refuses to refund their deposit. Click here.

Debit card drama (Dec. 20, 2010): A girl finally gets a refund after running into problems with a pre-paid gift card. A woman  receives a refund for death certificates she ordered and readers discuss redeeming prizes won in raffles. Click here.

Travel scam travails (Dec. 13, 2010): The number of complaints against a man’s bogus travel companies grows. Click here. For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

Tossing and turning over missing mattress tags (Dec. 6, 2010): Missing mattress tags raise suspicions as to where the mattresses came from. Click here.

When buying gift cards, it pays to read fine print (Nov. 29, 2010): A gift card is not what it appears to be. Click here.

Promise to keep, trials to go before final rest (Nov. 22, 2010): A woman struggles to keep a promise to properly bury a deceased friend. Click here.

Beware the loan danger (Nov. 15, 2010): A Newark businessman runs into problems with a loan company. Click here.

Sure, the check is in the mail, but raffle prize should be cash (Nov. 8, 2011): After an elderly couple wins a raffle, they have to wait weeks to receive their check in the mail. Click here.

A getaway that never was (Nov. 1, 2010): A couple is cheated out of a promised free vacation, but this travel company’s scam doesn’t stop there. Click here. For previous articles about the travel scams, click here.

Fighting state’s plate frame fine (Oct. 25, 2010): Bamboozled takes a closer look at the issue of oversized license plate frames. The state reaches a settlement with Wells Fargo about mortgages and some customers get insurance claims approved after sewer main lines flooded their basements. Click here. 

Basement nightmares (Oct. 18, 2010): More homeowners come forward with stories of insurance claims being denied after sewer lines backed up and flooded their basements. Click here.

Trumpeter’s sad tune (Oct. 11, 2010): A man runs into red tape when trying to get a Social Security benefit owed to him after his wife’s death. Click here.

A wet, stinky mess (Oct. 4, 2010): More Clifton homeowners come forward with stories of being denied insurance claims  by the town after their basements were flooded with raw sewage. Click here.

Framed for ‘obstruction’ (Sept. 27, 2010): A man receives a $55 ticket for having an oversized license plate frame. Click here.

Stuck in a messy situation (Sept. 20, 2010): A Clifton couple’s insurance claim is denied by the town after a sewer mainline backs up and floods their basement. Click here.

Next of kin gets runaround on death certificates (Sept. 13, 2010): A woman runs into problems when trying to get copies of her mother’s death certificate. Click here.

Between a brick and a hard place (Sept. 6, 2010): After a home inspector misses problems with the chimney – resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs –  the homeowners want him to file an insurance claim, but he refuses. Click here.

With recalls or defects, companies hold the cards (Aug. 30, 2010): A couple runs into problems with their television but didn’t know Sony had extended the warranty on it even though they sent in their registration card. Click here.

Wedding happiness turns sour (Aug. 23, 2010): Two years after their wedding, a couple is still trying to get their wedding pictures from the photographer. Click here.

Making the exchange (Aug. 16, 2010): A mother is frustrated by the Toys “R” Us return policy and Bamboozled looks more closely at the Community Surgical Supply case. Click here.

Contracting  job left undone (Aug. 9, 2010): A woman has problems getting a refund for new windows that were never installed. Updates on the car repair and Verizon Caller ID story. Click here.

Toys “R” Us turns simple exchange into an ordeal (Aug. 2, 2010): After a man selects the wrong joystick for the playstation he bought, he runs into problems with Toys “R” Us’s return policy. Click here.

Savoring some success (July 26, 2010): A couple wins a $90,000 settlement with their broker and more Verizon customers come forward with complaints about their caller ID. Click here.

Puzzling policy (July 19, 2010): A man fills out and returns a renewal questionnaire for car insurance but Allstate says it never got the form and doesn’t renew his policy. Click here.

Turning off a pesky bill (July 12, 2010): A couple fights charges for DirecTV services they didn’t incur. Click here.

Phone company finally IDs customer’s problem (July 5, 2010): A man’s problem with his Verizon caller ID is corrected and a reader reports victory with the IRS. Click here.

Only one thing was staying cold: Customer service (June 29, 2010): After a woman’s fridge breaks, she encounters problems with getting it fixed or replaced. Click here.

At last, a refund (June 22, 2010): A state official helps a couple get a refund for a botched construction job and a man runs into problems with his credit card company after giving his daughter a loan. Click here.

A bill that shouldn’t be (June 15, 2010): A woman believes a medical supply company she rented her late mother’s wheelchair from is over billing Medicare. Click here.

Easier said than done (June 8, 2010): A couple battles with a contractor over poorly installed doors and a botched driveway job is finally repaired. Click here.

Auto-body odyssey (June 2, 2010): A couple fights a four-month battle with their insurance company and auto body shop to repair their car. Click here.

A $59,000 mistake (May 25, 2010): Social Security reverses its decision on overpayment in a woman’s favor and more readers run into problems with EPPICards. Click here.

Fighting for refunds (May 18, 2010): A woman fights with Chase over a mortgage refinancing fee and a couple tries to get back deposits for a canceled Bat Mitzvah. Click here.

Social Security horror story (May 11, 2010): Social Security asks a woman to pay back $59,000 in benefits they say they overpaid her. Click here.

He overpaid on property taxes. Now he can’t get reimbursed (May 4, 2010): A man has been paying taxes on more land than he owes but runs into bureaucratic tape when trying to get reimbursed. Click here.

A big headache returns (April 27, 2010): EPPICard turns down one customer’s fraud complaint and relief may be on the way for NJ EPPICard holders. Click here.

Couple out $100,000, but who’s to blame? (April 20, 2010): Fidelity Investments misinvests a man’s retirement funds. Click here.

Broken promises (April 13, 2010): A woman doesn’t receive a settlement after a Verizon lawsuit. A couple tries to get a refund for flood insurance and a mortgage payment battle is finally over. Click here.

Flood of headaches over insurance (April 6, 2010): A couple ends up paying for two flood insurance policies after their mortgage is sold to Chase. Click here.

Getting what’s due (March 30, 2010): After a man signs up for Verizon FIOS, he is offered a number of promotional gifts, but the gifts never show up. Click here.

Hounded homeowner’s mortgage payment found (March 23, 2010): A missing mortgage payment is finally located and Bamboozled takes a closer look at EPPICards. Click here.

‘Fight back’ with $5,000 at stake (March 16, 2010): A man fights charges to his daughter’s phone after she canceled the service. Click here.

Still stuck with debt (March 9, 2010): A woman contacts a debt-settlement firm for help, but the bills keep piling up. Click here.

Art buyer concerned false picture was painted (March 2, 2010): A painting bought at an auction may not be the real thing. Click here.

This time, a cranky escalator cooperates (Feb. 23, 2010): More readers report problems with a Port Authority escalator and one woman’s research into her ancestors’ burial sites continues. Click here.

Account closed? Maybe (Feb. 17, 2010): A man continues to get bills from a home security company 18 months after he canceled the service. Click here. 

Taking on the IRS when you’re in the right (Feb. 9, 2010): A woman fights to receive a first-time buyer tax credit which she believes she is entitled to. Click here.

Bank and switch (Feb. 2, 2010): A family is hounded with collection calls after Bank of America sells their mortgage to Chase and fails to notify them. Click here.

Another EPPICard user misled (Jan. 26, 2010): Two more readers come forward with stories of EPPICard fraud. Click here.

Facing bureaucracy in a time of grief (Jan. 12, 2010): The state fails to answer a woman’s question about her late sister’s estate and a refrigerator rebate is delayed. Click here.

Couple pays dearly for financial advise (Jan. 4, 2010): A couple files a complaint after their broker fails to properly invest their money and incurs huge losses. Click here.

Costly definition (Dec. 29, 2009): After a pipe in a family’s house becomes clogged, the plumbing company charges them extra because the pipe is located in a crawl space. Click here.

Misleading car ad (Dec. 22, 2009): A car dealership’s ad guaranteeing their vehicles misleads a customer. A couple’s refund from a different car dealership is delayed, a Port Authority escalator presents problems for an elderly couple and a chimney company makes it right. Click here.

Fixing the repairs (Dec. 15, 2009): A poor chimney repair job creates more problems. Click here.

Sorry, wrong number (Dec. 8, 2009): A family is overcharged for long-distance calls made to family in India after the birth of their baby. Click here.

Grave problem (Dec. 1, 2009): A woman’s research into her family’s genealogy is stopped short by high fees. Click here.

Relief, at last (Nov. 24, 2009): A life insurance company cancels a man’s life insurance policy after he misses a payment while caring for his dying wife, but later reverses its decision. Click here.

A phantom line but real bills (Nov. 17, 2009): A man finds extra charges hidden in the fine print of his Verizon bill. Click here.

Bungled bills (Nov. 10, 2009): Complaints against a gas company pile up. Click here.

An old problem nails a new victim (Nov. 3, 2009): Another EPPICard user is misinformed on how to contest fraud charges. A customer service problem with a window company is cleared up and a job scam is uncovered. Click here.

Losing a lifetime of belongings (Oct. 27, 2009): After a woman misses a payment on her storage unit, all the belongings in the unit are auctioned off. Click here.

Beware credit fakery (Oct. 20, 2009): A woman signs up for a debt relief service but doesn’t receive much help. Click here.

Being  judgmental (Oct. 13, 2009): A couple is awarded a $2, 590 judgment in a dispute with a paving company but has problems collecting. The Caller ID case resurfaces. Click here.

A window into home dispute (Oct. 6, 2009): Poor communication hampers installation of new windows. Click here.

When saving costs (Sept. 29, 2009): A man learns modifying his mortgage to cut his payments may hurt his credit rating. Update on a prior mortgage modification case. Click here.

The paper chase (Sept. 22, 2009): A woman is told her health insurance coverage has been terminated because of a paperwork mix-up. Click here.

Landing a new deal (Sept. 15, 2009): An attempt to renegotiate a mortgage yields a mass of red tape and unanswered questions. Click here.

Checks and low balances (Sept. 9, 2009): Nearly $10,000 goes missing from a woman’s EPPICard account. Click here.

Verizon fixes couple’s trouble on Caller ID (Sept. 1, 2009): A couple’s Caller ID issue is resolved, a woman has a billing dispute with a lawyer and Sears seeks to repair its reputation after a customer has a bad experience with a fridge repair. Click here.

Just shocking (Aug. 25, 2009): JCP&L denies responsibility for a damaging electric power surge. Click here.

Dresser drama (Aug. 18, 2009): After months of waiting, the dresser a man ordered is finally delivered. Click here.

Chilly service (Aug. 11, 2009): A woman is frustrated by the slow pace of repairs to her malfunctioning fridge. Click here.

Read the fine print (Aug. 4, 2011): A couple is charged $1700 after their in-network hospital sends their blood work to an out-of-network lab. Click here.

One victory, one warning, one loose end (July 28, 2009): A small victory for Hess Visa customers everywhere, a warning for car buyers and no change for the widow of a JCP&L worker. Click here.

Sorry, wrong caller (July 21, 2009): A couple runs into problem because Caller ID misidentifies their number on some phones. Update on the driveway resurfacing case. Click here.

Paved with promises (July 14, 2009): A couple’s three year fight to have their driveway properly repaired. Click here.

Let’s make a deal — but let’s make it in person (July 7, 2009): Bamboozled gets some first-hand experience with Craigslist scams. Click here.

The waiting game (June 30, 2009): In a rare “reverse Bamboozled” a man can’t get a gas company to properly charge him for their services. Click here.

Speaking up means happier customers, here’s the proof (June 23, 2009): Bamboozled gets credit where credit is due, offers an update on the Verizon billing fiasco and warns of more potential trouble for two-named New Jersey drivers. Click here.

No gain but lots of pain (June 16, 2009): A business owner discovers N.J. tax law makes it difficult to cut one’s losses. Click here.

Taking credit (June 9, 2009): A Hess Visa cardholder is frustrated by changes to the credit card’s rewards program. Click here.

Driver confronts E-ZPass bumps (June 2, 2009): A driver is charged with E-ZPass violations even though he’s not an E-ZPass member. Click here.

Smart shopping pays off with less-expensive health coverage (May 26, 2009): Bamboozled shares a health insurance tip, a victory against robo-callers and news about an investment that has a zero-percent return. Click here.

Sleuth unravels mystery phone charges (May 19, 2009): A woman works to get credit for phone charges on her bill that she didn’t authorize. Click here.

You can learn from vacation nightmare (May 12, 2009): A series of delays at the airport ruin a couple’s vacation. Click here.

AT&T retiree finds health care savings outside the company (May 5, 2009): A man finds more coverage for his money by looking beyond the plans his company offers. Click here.

Hardly a case of fraud, just of $850 oversight (April 28, 2009): Fine print and lack of communication stick a man with two bills for car repair. Click here.

A lesson in economics (April 21, 2009): Bank fees eat up the money a boy earned as a reward for reading books. Click here.

Small victory: Credit score, MVC updates (April 14, 2009): The latest on credit scores and the driver’s license name hassles. Click here.

Cruel timing (April 7, 2009): A widow fights for full pension after her benefits were halved by a technicality. Click here.

Bamboozled: Good credit won’t save consumers from interest hikes (March 31, 2009): A woman learns that the interest rate on her credit card will go up even though she has good credit. Click here.

Social Security slip-up (March 24, 2009): A simple bureaucratic error costs a man thousands of dollars in Social Security benefits. Click here.

Double names spell trouble at New Jersey MVC (March 17, 2009): If your first or last name is two words or has an apostrophe, you can’t get your legal name on your driver’s license. Click here.

Wary consumers, I’m here to help (March 10, 2009): The first Bamboozled column. Click here.