Bamboozled: The timeline of Daryl Turner’s travel scams


Daryl Turner and his wife Robyn Bernstein pleaded guilty to a travel scam that netted the couple?????????????????? millions of dollars over a time span of at least five years.

Turner is serving a seven-year sentence, Bernstein is on probation for five years and some of their victims are getting restitution payments.

The state alleged Turner and Bernstein lured would-be vacationers to their travel clubs, where customers were offered club memberships, sometimes costing hundreds, and sometimes costing thousands of dollars. The memberships were supposed to give customers discounted dream vacations, but when they tried to book trips, customers found their requested dates were not available, and soon enough, the club would shut down.

But like a whack-a-mole game on the Boardwalk, a new travel company would pop up in a new location, making the same offers to customers.

Turner and Bernstein were sentenced earlier this year.

Here’s a timeline of the major events in the case.

January 2007: The start of Turner’s and Bernstein’s travel club frauds, according to court documents.

May 2009: Division of Consumer Affairs files the first civil complaint against Turner and his companies Dreamworks Vacation Club, Five Points Travel and Bentley Travel.

June 2009: La Bonne Vie and Dream Vacations International are added to the lawsuit.

August 2009: Vacation Clubs is added to the lawsuit.

December 2009: Modern Destinations Limited is added to the lawsuit.

December 2010: The number of complaints to Consumer Affairs about Turner companies reaches 676.

February 2011: Turner signs consent agreement with Consumer Affairs, promising to pay $3.06 million, including $2.18 in restitution to customers and to no longer work in the travel business in the state.

March 2011: Bamboozled receives new consumer complaints about Daryl Turner and Travel Deals.

May 2011: State alleges Turner hid assets.

June 2011: Consumer Affairs alleges Turner is working with Travel Deals, which is registered in his wife’s name, and the state files a motion to enforce terms for its previous settlement with Turner.

July 2011: Turner is arrested, spends five days in jail and assets are seized.

daryl turnerApril 2013: Turner and Bernstein are indicted on second-degree theft by deception charges.

June 2013: Bernstein offered a plea deal.

August 2013: Turner pleads guilty to theft by deception and the state recommends a seven year jail term. Bernstein pleads guilty to the same charge and the state recommends five years probation.

January 2014: Turner and Bernstein are sentenced, and they promise to repay $2.5 million in restitution.

September 2014: State sells assets and collects $770,000 for restitution.

November/December 2014: Some consumers receive restitution payments while others are still waiting.

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