Club ABC Tours

In October 2012, hundreds of travelers who had  pre-paid for vacation tours were left stranded in the middle of their trips — many in foreign countries — when Club ABC Tours shut its doors without notice.

The company, owned by brothers Robert Paris, 59, of Greenwich, Ct., and Thomas Paris, 61, of New York City, allegedly accepted more than $1 million from 230 customers, but never delivered what it promised.

Below is a timeline of Bamboozled’s coverage of Club ABC Tours.


October 10, 2012: Bamboozled first learns about Club ABC Tours after the company shut its doors and stopped answering calls, leaving hundreds of customers stranded, many in foreign countries. Click here.

October 17, 2012: More than two weeks after the company shut its doors, Club ABC Tours co-owner Robert Paris offers an apology but no help for customers who have lost their money and their vacation tours. Click here.


August 14, 2013: The state sues the Paris brothers, claiming that they committed multiple violations of New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act and Advertising Regulations. The state also asked that the brothers be compelled to give up all funds and property acquired through the alleged violations and refund the victim’s money. Click here.