Germaine Theodore’s alleged bill-pay scams

Since September 2013, Bamboozled has been reporting on the alleged travel scams of  Germaine Theodore. Theodore is an alleged travel scammer, for  TGC and Save My Future, companies who promised people a 35% tax deduction and more. Victim’s payments were never actually paid, causing them to loose money. Bamboozled followed Germaine’s scams, shown below.


 Bamboozled: Seeking help, finding trouble (September 24

92313, 2013). Darlene Clements heard about a debt management company called TGC that Theodore was the manager of. She gave the company money to pay her bills, but none of her creditors received payments from TGC. Click here.



Bamboozled EXTRA: Maplewood man charged with bilking clients in debt-relief scheme (October 16, 2013):  Germaine Theodore, head of TGC surrendered to authorities after a complaint-warrant charged with theft by deception. He was sent to Essex County Jail. All of Theodore’s costumers enrolled in TGC because they wanted a 35% discount on their bills. Charlene Morrison thought her 2,600 payment to TGC would go to her mortgage company, but it never did. Click here.

Bamboozled: “He kept all my money” (August 17, 2014): Lizzette Britt came across a company called Save My Future to save money by paying $35 per month and the company would help pay her bills by paying 35% of them. Theodore explained the procedure to her. They paid her first payment, but none of the other ones. Britt’s complaint was not the first. However, on the Save My Future website, it blamed the customers for its problems. Click here.

bamboozled august 11 01






 Bamboozled EXTRA: Man accused in bill-pay scheme turns himself in (August 27, 2014): Theodore, founder of Save My Future, similar to his other company, TCG turned himself in. Both of his companies offered an incorrect 35% tax deduction that did not follow through. Click here.

Bamboozled: Alleged bill pay scammer out on bail (September 21, 2014): An Essex County judge denied the state’s request to revoke bail for Germaine Theodore, the man accused of running two companies that promised customers it would pay their bills at a discount.  Click here.

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